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Samantha Sanders


Is Netflix's 'Insatiable' Really That Bad?

Season two of 'Insatiable' was released on Oct. 11. Is it as bad as people said it was after its initial release?

An Excruciatingly Deep Dive Into Ryan Murphy Canon

From 'Nip/Tuck' to 'Glee' to 'Pose,' Murphy has been at the forefront of pop culture for nearly two decades.

'Love Island': Reality TV for the Now

What makes this breakout UK reality show an international phenomenon?

What's Wrong With Hollywood?: The Aftermath of 'Avengers: Endgame'

Production studios are desperately trying—and failing—to recreate the success of the highest grossing movie of all time.

Conan Gray, Voice of 'Generation Why,' Performs at The Fillmore

Gray's music is storytelling and songwriting all at once. 

'Us' Review: Jordan Peele Forces Audiences to Look in the Mirror

Jordan Peele’s second feature is no 'Get Out'. But it’s a noble effort all the same.

'Miracle Workers' Review: The Weirdest Show on Television

Surprise—Daniel Radcliffe is doing television now.

'Five Feet Apart': Yet Another Story of the Bland and Lovesick

It's better than the 'Fault in Our Stars', but it still isn't great.

What's Causing the Resurgence of the Horror Genre?

Over the past decade, horror has gone from a B–movie gore fest to an artistic landscape for directors to show off. Why?

Street's Predictions for the 91st Academy Awards

What we want and what will probably happen are two very different things. 

Your Definitive Guide to Fall TV Pilots

All the TV pilots worth watching this fall.

Stranger Things 2: None the Stranger

Spoiler alert: Eleven has hair now.

Streaming Now: The Best Movies on Amazon Prime

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