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Shannon Zhang


‘Captive State’: What in the World is Going On?

How not to captivate an audience. 

The Problems with Live–Action Film Renditions of Video Games

Maybe Sonic shouldn’t be welcomed into our world.

'Arctic': Gorgeous, Terrifying, and Contemplative

A stranded man struggles to survive the cold in this quietly tense film.

‘Alita: Battle Angel’: Manga–to–Movie Adaptations Continue to Disappoint

Iron City needs a champion, not a romance. 

‘Mirai’: A Sweet Film about the Love Between Siblings

A reflection on familial love, just in time for Valentine's Day

What Do AI Relationships in Movies Say About Us?

Searching for artificial love, from film to reality

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’: Horror Comedy at its Most Pretentious

 Netflix’s newest production bores.  

'Akira': An Introduction to Anime

Why this gritty 1980s classic still holds up to this day. 

‘Never–Ending Man’ and the Intimacy of a Smaller Theater

 A love letter to Hayao Miyazaki and PhilaMOCA.  

‘The Upside’ Could Be Better—and It Is

  Just because it’s in English doesn’t mean it’s good. 

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’: Doomed to Fail

 Netflix gaming falls flat. 

‘Overlord’: Predictable and Enjoyable

Halloween is long over, but horror sure isn’t.

2018: 50 Years of 'Space Odyssey' at the Franklin Institute

For November, the Franklin Institute is screening the classic film that transformed science fiction.

Experiencing my First Concert with Mitski

Mitski’s performance on October 19 at Union Transfer was the first of two shows to play in Philadelphia for her Be the Cowboy fall tour.

Coming of Age With ‘Whisper of the Heart’

Why this lesser–known Ghibli movie still speaks to me.

Hollywood's Real Life Monsters

How your favorite horror movies are spun off one real life serial killer.

Street's Guide to Ghibli Fest 2018

Because you're never too old for a Miyazaki movie. 
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