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Shannon Zhang


A24 at UPenn: A Film Initiative for Students

Why this movie studio is so beloved, and what it's doing here at Penn. 

'In the Tall Grass': Another Messy Netflix Original

Watch another Stephen King tale brought to life, from the comfort of your own home.

‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ is Crime, Mystery, and Sci–Fi All At Once

The first of Netflix’s "Netflix and Chills" thriller originals is flawed, but entertaining nonetheless. 

The Definitive On–Campus Pizza Roundup

Understanding Penn, one slice at a time.

The Neo-Noir Genre: Chicken Soup for the Ambiguous Soul

Embracing moral ambiguity—one generation at a time. 

Elle Fanning, 'Teen Spirit', and 'The Neon Demon': A Tale of Two Cinderellas

A look at Fanning’s neon–lit grasps for fame. 

Anime 101: Trying It Out

What's popular and what's worth your time. 

Imitating Evil: Why Michael Shannon is so Great At Playing Villains

Shannon, one of the industry's best working character actors, tests the limits of morality with his characters.

Growing Up Through Film

On never aging out of coming–of–age. 

Anticipating Season 2 of ‘On My Block’

Returning to the show right before season 2 lands. 

Losing and Finding My Appetite

My on–again, off–again relationship with food

‘Captive State’: What in the World is Going On?

How not to captivate an audience. 

The Problems with Live–Action Film Renditions of Video Games

Maybe Sonic shouldn’t be welcomed into our world.

'Arctic': Gorgeous, Terrifying, and Contemplative

A stranded man struggles to survive the cold in this quietly tense film.

‘Alita: Battle Angel’: Manga–to–Movie Adaptations Continue to Disappoint

Iron City needs a champion, not a romance. 

‘Mirai’: A Sweet Film about the Love Between Siblings

A reflection on familial love, just in time for Valentine's Day

What Do AI Relationships in Movies Say About Us?

Searching for artificial love, from film to reality

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’: Horror Comedy at its Most Pretentious

 Netflix’s newest production bores.  

'Akira': An Introduction to Anime

Why this gritty 1980s classic still holds up to this day. 

‘Never–Ending Man’ and the Intimacy of a Smaller Theater

 A love letter to Hayao Miyazaki and PhilaMOCA.  
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