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Shilpa Saravanan


Street Book Club: The Secret History

Shilpa Saravanan's pick explores money and power at an elite college—sound familiar?

A Field Guide to Penn's Many Bookstores

HOUSE OF OUR OWN (3920 Spruce) There are books everywhere in this cozy Victorian townhouse: books of all types, but especially books you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Religious Studies—It's for everyone! (Even if religion isn't.)

Yes, religious studies is a thing, and yes, they have an undergrad journal now.

Creating the Penn Meme Group

The "Official Unofficial" story.

Sci-Fi That's Worth Your Time

Let the binge begin.

Logan and the Superhero Movie's Redemption Arc

Logan is a great film—and it's a sign of greater things to come in the superhero genre.

24 Hours of Live Radio: An Investigation into the Human Psyche

How far would you go in the name of radio?

Birth control in the Internet age

Birth control that thinks outside the box (and the doctor's office).

​‘Rogue One’ Arrived at the Right Time

A spoiler–free endorsement: it’s for Rebels and rebels.

Cauliflower and Black Bean Quesadillas

You might think that the word “cauliflower” in the title of this recipe means it’s low–carb, and you’d be forgiven for thinking so: America loves the cauliflower only for its utility as a grain replacement, not for its own tasty, wonderful self.
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