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Stephen Morse


Old city, old world

What many pizza places in Philadelphia lack is the brick oven to make their pizza authentic - and that's why Soho Pizza, between 2nd and 3rd on Market, stands alone as the best brick oven pizzeria in the city.

The movies been berry, berry good to her

On tour promoting her sexy new suspense thriller Perfect Stranger -- no, not an adaptation of that 80's sitcom with Balki Bartokomous - Oscar-winner Halle Berry had a quick chat with 34ST. STREET: What have you not yet accomplished in your film career?

Left of Center

The Cira Centre - aka the funky glass building next to 30th Street Station - is creating a culinary renaissance on this side of the Schuylkill with its newest addition, Rae.

Philosophies of the game

Work your day game. It'll be the key to your long term success with ladies. That's what I tell my friends, specifically my boy Rodney.

The $9 Manifesto

You're downtown, alone and hungry, but you only have $9 in your pocket. You're roaming through Rittenhouse Square, but as you look at the menus in the windows, the prices make you grit your teeth.

the boys from sudan

Darfur. We learn about the terrible situation every day. But how often do we hear the stories of individuals who have escaped the carnage of the Sudan? Narrated by Nicole Kidman, God Grew Tired Of Us reveals the plight of young Sudanese men growing up in a Kenyan refugee camp and then traveling more than a thousand miles to the U.S.

Viva Brasil

Combining the elegance of a black tie affair, the tranquility of a day at the beach and the hustle and bustle of the all-you-can-eat buffet is no easy task.

La Buca: his

The Atmosphere: Pretty awesome. La Buca translates to "The Cave" or "The Hole." The walls of the foyer (the whole 300 seat restaurant is down a flight of stairs in the basement of a building off Washington Square) are covered with frescoes of famous Renaissance paintings, including my favorite piece: Botticelli's The Birth of Venus.

Wing Men

Every Super Bowl weekend for the past 15 years, Philadelphia has celebrated a Bowl of its own. Wing Bowl began in 1993 as a small, two-man chicken wing-eating competition - a radio promotion designed by 610 WIP talk show hosts Angelo Cataldi and Al Morganti.

2007 Restaurant week primer

Despite all the hype surrounding Restaurant Week, some of the bargains may be gilded. Menus are limited, and $30 is still a considerable amount of money to spend before tax and tip.

Welcome to the Good Dog

Good Dog Bar 224 S. 15th St. (215) 985-9600 www.gooddogbar.com If you're looking to enjoy a burger, beer and some atmosphere in the heart of Center City - without the Rittenhouse snobbery - Good Dog is your one-stop shop for an enjoyable evening.

Under the sea

If you're looking for the grandeur of the Titanic set within the Philadelphia city limits, The Oceanaire Seafood Room is the perfect spot to put on your coattails, play dress up, and enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood. Operating Partner and General Manager Peter Mooradian, formerly of Le Cirque, runs a tight ship - as the service at this 400-seat behemoth rivals any of the top restaurants in the city.

Ego Boost

The situation: You're at a party of ballers, but you can't stand anyone. You're gritting your teeth so hard you're convinced that you just swallowed a chunk of enamel. The choices: Excuse yourself to the bathroom and never return, mingle for 30 minutes before making a good excuse to exit, or suck it up and stay the course - because you never know what offers will come when drunken conversations ensue. The obvious answer: Remain at the party for just enough time to have a few cocktails and get a few business cards.

It ain't easy being green

On Nov. 7, Election Night, Senator-elect Bob Casey joined thousands of supporters at the Scranton Cultural Center on the campus of Lackawanna College to celebrate his victory.

Ego Boost

Some people go to Pottruck to shed a few pounds, while others aim to bulk up. And then there's everyone else: the folks who claim to visit 37th and Walnut for a workout, but are really only working out their hormones.

Hot air up there

My great uncle, in the Union Army, happened to be stationed in Washington D.C., and the army was presenting these new hot air balloons to President Lincoln at the White House.

Urban, I've got your IP Address, and I'm coming for you

When I was in 9th and 10th grade, I loved Instant Messenger so much. Who didn't? It was our window to the world - but it was a very, very slow window.

He's Here for the Gang Bang

Perhaps no filmmaker today has a better grasp on a college guy's sense of humor than Todd Phillips. The director who cornered the market on frat-boy comedies - Old School, Road Trip - played Twenty Questions in an exclusive interview with Street at the Four Seasons downtown Tuesday to promote his new movie School for Scoundrels. Street: What's it like working with Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite)? What's he like in real life? Todd Phillips: In real life, Heder is a Mormon, did you know that? Street: I heard the cast from Napoleon was shipped in from Utah. TP: They're all like Mormon guys.

Got a Woody?

Our biggest misconception is that it's gonna be stuffy and I'm not talking about the air quality, I'm talking about the people." Thanks to both the highest quality air filtration system on the market and a down-to-earth proprietor, the atmosphere at Mahogany on Walnut is anything but stuffy. North Jersey native Tom Piazza was the first of his family to explore the cigar industry.

Classic 4/20 movies

If you're reading this right now, chances are, you're blazed off your rocker. Since you're incapable of studying or doing anything productive, might as well go out there and rent a classic stoner film because you probably lacked the foresight to get your Netflix cue arranged with 4/20 in mind... Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004): If you're of the Indian/Asian pothead variety, this one's for you.
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