If you’re a pop cultural obsessive like me, Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year. That actually comes a few weeks earlier, usually from late November to early December, in the form of list season. You know what it is, if not by name: when every magazine, blog, and online publication throws down their takes on the best movies, music, television, trends, books, and unforgettable moments of the year. It’s a time to feel vindicated when our faves top the charts, and to discover everything we missed while boring stuff like jobs and school kept us busy.

But this list season is different, because in exactly a month, I’ll be stepping away—not just as Editor–in–Chief but almost entirely—from the magazine where I probably spent more cumulative hours than in my actual classes. I can’t possibly boil my entire Street experience down into a numbered list, but I’ll be damned if I don’t give it the ol’ college try. So without further ado, allow me to present my favorite Street / Daily Pennsylvanian moments, in roughly chronological order, from February 11th, 2021 (yes I checked) until now.

  1. Getting Kyle Whiting’s edits on my first ever article (it was about delayed albums and the draft I turned in was 2,500 words).
  2. Later discovering those edits, which I had been using to train editors for years by that point, actually came from Bea Forman.
  3. Working at Panera in the summer of 2021, reviewing Doja Cat’s new album by recording voice notes into my phone while I mopped the floors.
  4. Getting my first editor appointment in charge of the Arts section.
  5. When Bea declared Arielle Stanger and me “the young talent.”
  6. Teaching my writer Irma Kiss how to shoplift from Gourmet Grocer and arguably making her into the international woman of mystery she is today.
  7. Scheming my way into a situationship with my former music editor. 
  8. Deciding to run for Editor–in–Chief as a sophomore.
  9. Writing my first Letter of Intent with Arielle in the Rodin high rise lounge, blasting “Goodbye Horses” on repeat.
  10. Not getting elected to Editor–in–Chief, because that would’ve been a disaster.
  11. The first time I took a Zoom call from Emily White’s Pine Street apartment because my roommate was having a hookup over.
  12. Cats in the office for Love Issue 2K22.
  13. Publishing my radical bookstores cover story with the most gorgeous illustration courtesy of Collin Wang.
  14. Getting my first taste of power when served as lead editor on the cheap eats Dining Guide.
  15. Press passes for Olivia Rodrigo, screaming along to “good 4 u” and being a 20–year–old boy teenage girl.
  16. Glossy mag!!!
  17. Interviewing Soccer Mommy over the phone while driving to my roommate’s house in New Jersey (but not when I lost the last ten minutes of the audio).
  18. Every time Eva Ingber called us all “chickens.”
  19. Running for Editor–in–Chief the second time, and getting it.
  20. Helium tank prod night.
  21. Interviewing Emily for their EIC Ego of the Week.
  22. Penn 10 production night and the #WinstonPelosoFanClub.
  23. Electing the best group of section editors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.
  24. Getting a record number of applications for new Street staffers.
  25. Hazing all of the new street staffers, especially the one who made out with the Ben Franklin statue. 
  26. Stealing a desk from Williams and carrying it across campus to deface.
  27. Every Clark Park picnic.
  28. Every BYO at Ambrosia.
  29. Every Street alum who I now consider a bestie—Julia Rubin, Hillary Reinsberg, Annabelle Williams, Dani Blum.
  30. Every time Arielle and I were Straddy and Strommy.
  31. Being in the room where it happened.
  32. Champagne shots with the elections committee.
  33. Electing next year’s incredible Strexec: Natalia Castillo, Catherine Sorrentino, Norah Rami, Kate Ratner, and Wei–An Jin. This issue is dedicated to you.
  34. Writing this letter in The Daily Pennsylvanian office, surrounded by some of my best friends in the whole world.

Signing off bang bang kiss kiss.