Worried about balancing your yin and yang during the sugar-loaded and provocative Halloween season? By taking a few simple precautions, one can ensure a harmonious night of terror and mischief.

1 Choose your undergarments wisely. You may be outwardly channeling demons or whores but if you keep it neutral on the underside, you can calm your tumultous energy.

2 Trick-or-treat midday. The element fire peaks in early afternoon, insulating the most activity and hedonism. You may not be as "cool" as your friends, but when you're resting easy that night and they're grappling with eternal hellfire, you'll be glad you did.

3 Don't overindulge. Nobody's chi likes the hyperactive result of Halloween candy, so keep consumption to a minimum. Satisfy your sweet tooth with flax seed oils, carob chips and fruit to keep your energy sexy inside and out.

4Watch your lighting. Going dim may set the scary mood that so many revelers shoot for, but safety comes first in matters of the chi.

5 Lighten up. The end of Halloween night often leaves revelers tortured, anxious and existential. We suggest classical music, gentle stroking or THC to force out any lingering feelings of unease.


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