Finals are almost upon us, beautiful readers. Before we all lock ourselves away in Van Pelt, let’s celebrate our last week of classes with your weekly Pete gossip.

SPOTTED: Highbrow hears that Pete was quite the admirer of culture this week, SABS–ing at the STIM show "A Year with Frog and Toad" and the Pennsori concert. A tipster tells us he described them as "awesome." Anna Wintour, watch your back — looks like Pete is the new front row show personality.

Talk about a good friend! Pete was seen acting the part of wingman at the Sigma Chi party this weekend, helping two friends by giving some encouraging advice like, “when you’re single, you mingle" — wise words from an even wiser mind. Apparently, Pete even took one for the team by being a coat–rack while his friends hit the dance floor. "Selfless" should be spelled P–E–T–E.

Are you ready for some football?! Or should we say, is football ready for some Pete? Allegedly, our favorite Sports Quotient contributor spent his afternoons watching some good old American gridiron, both college and NFL. We hear Pete is a diehard New York Jets fan, so when the Jets won, we were happy. Just knowing that Pete was out there somewhere experiencing joy warmed the cockles of our hearts.

Isn't it just super boring to do chores? Yeah, it is when you do them. But Pete makes the mundane look insane, and for him, simple household duties like doing the dishes and taking out the trash become feats of extraordinary grace and charm. Pete was spotted toting a simple yet elegant black garbage bag, dragging it just enough to look casual but not so much that it scraped against the pavement and tore the bag.

But Saturday night is when things really got juicy. By that, we mean Pete got dinner at Pattaya. Sorry, readers, but those are all the details we have. Yet, there's so much intriguing mystery here. What did Pete order? Pad Thai? Some kind of curry? Was it spicy? Does Pete like it spicy? What did he drink to wash the burn from his precious tongue? These are questions that will continue to haunt us until we get answers.