Street is mad. Street is very mad. Street was denied press passes for the SPEC Spring Fling concert and THEN Street found out that Penn was flipping everything we know and love about Fling upside down with its rules and threats and undercover officers who may or may not be hot girls with fake PennCards.

But then Street (I) walked to the art museum along the Schuylkill River Trail and the sun was shining and people were rollerblading and it was just so frickin’ hard to be anything but effervescently happy. Spring has sprung and it feels so good. I am not even close to one of those “happy” people but this winter was never– ending, Game of Thrones status and the fact that it’s over feels like a god-damn miracle.

This doesn’t change the facts about what we have coming for us this weekend (see the back page for our response to the upgraded police activity), but it does serve as a reminder that we still have a lot to enjoy. We can enjoy wearing our fling tanks without a second layer! We can enjoy having circulation in our hands while we hold cold drinks (perhaps non–alcoholic ones, but still)! We can enjoy endless remixes of Pharell William’s “Happy”! And we will be happy, even if the Liquor Control Board forces it to be a remixed version.

Fling is our pride and joy as Penn students. It is the only ammunition we have to make our state–school friends feel even vaguely jealous of our social lives. We will never give that up and we don’t have to. Have fun, be safe and enjoy the warm weather. You’ve earned it.