1. I haven’t heard back from them in a week. Why did they lose interest so quickly? Is there something wrong with me?

2. How much money can I get out of them?

3. Last night, I sat up crying wondering if everything really does happen for a reason.

4. Maybe they come off as aggressive and selfish but I really think I can help them change.

5. If they don’t call first, am I allowed to call? Is that a thing people do nowadays?

6. I wonder how often I'll need to be drunk so I'm not miserable with them.

7. How can I tell if this is right for me? Will we find common ground? Are our goals in line?

8. Everyone who has been with them comes out sad, alone, and desperate.

9. I wonder if they’ll give me freedom or if I’ll constantly be checking my phone to see if they’ve texted.

10. What is the future I see with them? They don’t seem to be in to long-term commitments.

11. I can’t tell if they actually want me, for me, or for my Wharton degree, you know?

12. How will I feel waking up to them every morning? Having to deal with them late at night?

13. They’re so out of my league.

14. What happens when someone more energetic and younger comes along? Will they just replace me?

15. I don’t want to be one of those people coming home in a taxi late at night from their place all the time.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons