I’m somewhat of a foodie minority. I hate sandwiches. I hate bacon. However, the first words out of my mouth after trying the snack bacon ($7) at William Street Common were, “Holy shit, this is so good.”

The newly opened restaurant, located at 39th and Chestnut in the place of no one’s favorite bar, Drinker’s, boasts
a cohesive menu, based largely around small, snack–like appetizers and hearty sandwiches.

Walking into William Street is an experience in itself. The interior features dark wood, varnished to a rich shine. Delicate lights are strung from the ceiling and decorative plates line the walls. Your order is placed before you are seated, and there is no tipping allowed (but there is flat a 20% service charge).

Among the appetizers, the Grilled Snackster Duo ($8) reigned supreme. This adult take on pressed sandwiches comes with both sweet and savory options. Though you might feel more comfortable going for savory, you’d be mistaken. Don’t pass on the cashew but- ter and blueberry preserve snackster—a warm snack with crisp bread and oozing blueberry tartness.

For my main course, my aversion to sandwiches finally met its match in the form of the BBQ short rib sandwich ($12). It's served on thick, warm French bread and layered with a crisp slaw. The horseradish cut through the fatty, flavorful meat, balancing the flavors and allowing them to complement each other rather than overwhelm each other.The only dish that didn’t come across clearly was the apple fritters ($5). They are slightly too dense, and the grainy caramel pudding did little to soften them. Fritters are the only dessert option, which may disappoint those diners with a raging sweet tooth—unsatisfied by the sweet pressed sandwiches.

But for all its ups and downs, William Street Common is a must–try gem, one that is well worth the “trip”(holler at me, Quad/Hill dwellers).