Whether you were injured in a freak accident during Dueling Club, got slammed in the face with a Bludger or absorbed an insane amount of dark magic as an infant as the result of a failed Killing Curse, life with an unsightly forehead scar is never easy. If you’ve already been to St. Mungo’s to get that checked out for a potential case of Horcrux, proceed as follows.

1. Foundation

Revlon Colorstay Foundation is one great option available at the CVS in Hogsmeade. Beauty gurus love it, and it offers great coverage for a cheap price. Try their nude shade, or the paler porcelain if you’re a Weasley.

2. Polyjuice Potion

For those with more of a general face problem and an extremely high pain tolerance. A more permanent version of this full–body solution is depicted in the well–known Muggle movie, Freaky Friday, but the Ministry of Magic hasn’t figured out how it works yet.

3. Sorting Hat

Who could forget watching their first sorting ceremony? Er… rather, not watching it, thanks to the grotesquely oversized Sorting Hat. With the Sorting Hat slipped all the way down past your ears, you’ll have a handy way to cover a scar and always have someone to talk to.

4. Beauxbatons Beret

This is a great option in the event of an upcoming Triwizard Tournament. You should probably be decently good– looking aside from that horrid facial scar, because you’re going to have to find a way to get one of these French veela–blooded beauties back to your dorm.

5. Dementor’s Cloak

Like the beret, you’re going to have to pucker up to get your hands on this one. The risk factor, however, is a little bit higher here. Yes, you might be reduced to a soulless shell of your formal self, but you’ll look insanely attractive in a dark, brooding and mysterious way with that cloak on. Also, we’re not really sure exactly what’s going on underneath those things, and we’re curious.

6. Bangs.


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