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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor 11.28.2018

It all comes to an end—for me at least.

Photo: Autumn Powell

Alas, the bitter end. I haven't been impeached or overthrown (yet), but I do have a successor. Soon, my chair will be filled by the beautiful, dutiful Annabelle Williams. But I can still have my last hurrah. I technically have one letter left, but I think it's only right that I finish my tirades here. I know that y'all have so enjoyed reading about my opossum sightings, my run–ins with black ice, and my pensive platitudes about making the most out of your undergraduate career. It's time for me to pass the mic. And I won't make this into a mushy goodbye. Annabelle deserves to write her first letter from the editor next week, as she will have overseen much more of that issue than I. 

I've been a part of Street since I stumbled into the office for a writers' meeting at 6:30 p.m. on September 3, 2015. I even had this event in my iCal. I just checked. Back then we were jammed into a small room, which fit no more than thirty people. But that was the size of staff then, and a rack of PBR was more than enough for all the writers and editors.

But really, my love affair with Street began before I set foot on campus. When I visited Penn for the first time in the April of 2015, I happened to visit on a Thursday. Unbeknownst to me, Thursdays were when Street came out. After my campus tour, I popped into Williams to grab a coffee. As I was leaving the building, I sighted upon a rackbox in the corner. There was a pile of DPs with colorful covers, all infographics detailing the acceptance rates across the Ivy League that spring. After a quick scan, I noticed the banner at the top: "On Losing a Parent: 34th Street Magazine" I flipped to the center of the newspaper to read the feature, and the rest was history.

I've been a lot of things at Street: contributor, Film & TV beat, Film & TV editor, Features editor, and now lowly dude who writes the weekly Letter from the Editor. I've done some cool things in my time. I interviewed Jordan Peele and talked to him about Get Out two years before it was released. I tried to ask Meryl Streep a question about The Post over Skype while my audio was muted, much to my embarrassment. I've met some incredible writers, editors, and content producers. I've interviewed and gotten to meet so many students and campus leaders. I've answered many a disgruntled email, and spent so many late nights posted up in 4015 Walnut working on the magazine. 

There have been soaring highs and rattling lows. Street has definitely taken at least a year off of my life. But Street has made an indelible impact on my time at Penn, and taught me love, patience, and pain.

I dedicate this letter and issue to all of the incredible journalists who I've worked with at Street, UTB, and the DP. I love you all, and can't wait to see where y'all go in the coming years. 

But now, I have overstayed my welcome, and I must bid you adieu. And with that, I offer you a respectful goodbye: thank u, next.


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