If there’s one food trend that seems to have taken over in Philly eateries, it’s CBD. It’s lucrative, easy, and has a lot of built–in hype. The best part? It can be added to truly anything, whether it’s ice cream or juice, and is shown to manage chronic pain and aid relaxation. And while there are no psychoactive compounds in CBD oil, which is extracted from hemp, which means you can't get high, it still creates the mellow feeling derived from a joint or edible. The same way coffee or tea helps you focus, CBD can help you chill, so why not try it in its most delicious forms? 


Earlier this year, Sip–N–Glo Juicery released a wildly popular juice flavor with CBD—Glo Easy. It was so popular that it continually ran out at all of their locations within hours of restocking, partially because of the hype surrounding CBD, but also because it tastes like a classy revamp of pink lemonade. With just 15 milligrams of CBD, there’s nearly no aftertaste and (as always with any dosage of CBD) no psychoactive elements. Thanks to the additive, Glo Easy calms and boosts moods with CBD while also tasting both tart and sweet. Ingredients include dragonfruit, lemon, rosewater, hibiscus tea, and strawberry. Additionally, Sip–N–Glo can now add CBD to any smoothie they make on the spot, making any drink you get there as calming as this best selling juice.

Locations: 257 South 20th Street, 1700 Sansom Street, 932 South Street

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Considering the fact that Little Baby’s is known for unconventional and outlandish ice cream flavors like pizza or dill pickle, it’s no surprise that they ventured into the world of CBD–infused food. While each location varies in its products and flavors, each location has some form of CBD ice cream. 

Their East Market location exclusively stocks their vegan chocolate CBD oil pints, which retail for $20 on the rare occasion they’re actually available. While it’s certainly expensive for a pint of ice cream, a treat dubbed by Philadelphia Magazine as “the perfect treat to buy on your period” has to be worth a try at least once, especially when those cramps induce a need for pain relief and an intense craving for chocolate. Little Baby’s also puts CBD in their vegan chocolate “Baby Bars,” which are available at all locations. 

Locations: 2311 Frankford Avenue, 4903 Catharine Street, 19 South 12th Street, 121 North Christopher Columbus Boulevard


Before Sip–N–Glo helped to intensify the CBD craze in Philly, FUEL brought CBD–infused smoothies to the city. With flavors such as Berry Dream, Orange Dream, and Green Dream, FUEL takes classic smoothie flavors and infuses them with half a milliliter of CBD oil. The texture is icy and refreshing, and the smoothiesare available at all of FUEL’s locations—one being right on Drexel’s campus on 32nd Street. If you’re looking for a more detailed review, check out Street’s take on them here

Locations: 1225 Walnut Street, 1917 East Passyunk Avenue, 3200 Chestnut Street

Bainbridge Street Barrel House

While Bainbridge Street Barrel House in Queen Village focuses on hearty pub food, their mission to make gastropubs casual and unpretentious is taken a step further with their use of CBD. Barrel House can add it to any beverage they serve—beer, wine, tea, soda, you name it. On average, they dose with about 20 milligrams of a specially–concentrated CBD oil, making it potent without being overwhelming.

Addresses: 625–627 Bainbridge Street

Georgie’s House of Gelat’oh

A relatively new addition to the Philly dessert scene (and a welcome one following gelateria Capogiro’s sudden closure in Winter 2018), Georgie’s infuses CBD into their artisan gelato. A transplant from Washington, D.C., they experiment with eclectic dairy and vegan flavors, guaranteeing something for every customer, from caramel apple or mango mojito. 

Location: 4667 Paul Street 

Whether you're looking to relax and unwind or to bask in the trendiness of trying the food–of–the–moment, these CBD—infused foods are for you. Ranging from health foods to the ultimate treat, there's something for every mood and mindset.


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