If you’ve picked up a copy of Street before, you might notice something different about this one. 

The cover is graced with a new logo, the old newsprint has been replaced by glossy paper, and the issue itself has expanded to 52 pages. Put like that, the last eight months of work feel rather simple—a mere facelift, as is par for the course for many 54–year–olds.

But this issue represents more than that. It’s the culmination of not only my dream, but those of so many of my predecessors.

In Street’s inaugural edition, then–editor William K. Mandel outlined a vision for the magazine as a place for “members of the community who have had little or no previous outlet in print.” That issue’s feature story was a first–person reflection on the writer’s interactions with police as an anti–war protester, titled “Don’t Oink Back." It was followed by your standard fare of film recommendations and boutique ads under mildly pretentious titles like “Polychromes” and “The Trodden Boards.”

Between then and now, we’ve been through a lot. We cut the Round Up and with it our sceniest tendencies, launched a tech section that died as quickly as Dogecoin (sorry crypto bros), and started publishing our magazine outside the folds of The Daily Pennsylvanian. We’ve covered BLM, BBLs, MLMs, and just about any other acronym you can think of that matters to a 20–year–old. We’ve investigated the University’s wrongdoing and told you the best places to get a matcha latte on your way to class.

The monthly, glossy version of Street still has all that, just dialed it up to 11. It’s the same bold photography, innovative design, and sharp writing you’ve come to expect, finally packaged in the way it deserves.

So whether you’ve been a longtime reader or are picking up a copy of our magazine for the first time, allow us to welcome you to our first monthly issue.

We hope you enjoy 34th Street.