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Why SNL is Actually Terrible

Live from New York: mediocre humor, sprinkled with all kinds of hatred.


A Look Into Soviet Cinema

Here are five quality movies that came out of the October Revolution. 


An Exploration of Third Cinema and Activism

Can film be utilized for revolutionary politics?

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Just How Great is 'The Great British Bake Off'?

'Cupcake Wars' can't compete with this.  


West Germany Beat Modern Hollywood At Its Own Game

German filmmakers were feminists before Greta Gerwig made it cool. 

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'80s Movies Worth Rewatching

Movies that will get you to hold a boom box outside your crush's window this Valentine's Day.


The Pinnacle of Rom–Coms: Bollywood Blockbusters

A look into one of the world's most popular genres in honor of Valentine's Day.


Upcoming Movies at Lightbox Film Center

Tired of Cinemark?

Time's Up 1.jpg

Is Time Really Up, or Are Entertainment Celebs Missing the Point?

Wearing black at the Golden Globes is not enough.

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A Total Recap of 'Mozart in the Jungle'

If you like sex, drugs, lies, and Tchaikovsky, this show's for you.


The Past, Present, and Future of Documentary Cinema

CIMS Professor Timothy Corrigan discusses the rise and power of the documentary genre.


Movie Soundtracks That Give Us All the Feels

Call Me By Your Name’s highly anticipated soundtrack has us reminiscing about past greats of movie soundtracks.


Highbrow's Guide to Penn Halloween Costumes

So you won’t be the millionth person dressed as “Slutty Event Observer"


The Isle of Wes Anderson

Will Wes Anderson's new film push the boundaries of his eclectic worlds?

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