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Nickie Huang


Band of Brothers

Beer. Sex. And maybe Pot. Fraternities are very masculine organizations." So says Wharton senior Joey Shapiro, a member of Tau Epsilon Phi.

Comme Des Garcon

In 1981, when everyone else was wearing technicolored spandex and plastic baubles, Rei Kawakubo, the founder of uber-rad clothing line, Comme des Gar?on, was clothing her models in slashed up sculptures that were black from head-to-toe.

Word on the street: I was on mtvU

After sloshing down a few too many cosmos, my friend Grant likes to make serious life-altering decisions on the Internet.

Premature ejaculation

In 1996, when I was in seventh grade, my mother told me I dressed like a homeless person. Although the '90s saw an economic growth in the US that had never before been seen or even imagined in any country in history (never mind the 80 other countries we smashed to smithereens on our way to the top), the fashion-minded youth chose to adorn themselves with baggy flannels, tent-like Stussy T-shirts, and ragged, snaggle-cuffed JNCOs of Herculean proportions, all teeming with lice and God knows what other breed of infectious bacteria due to a generational phobia of soap and water.

Be like Bill

The students at the University of Pennsylvania attend classes in order to quench their thirst for learning, to develop analytical and investigative mental abilities and to further their quest for divine truth and knowledge.

How To: Spot a fake

If you consider Louis Vuitton Murakami handbags, driver's licenses and Elvis, you will find that everything really meaningful in life is necessarily followed by an imitation.

Sir mix-a-lot

If you can get your average Penn chick off her cell phone for long enough to stop and ask her what she had for lunch, chances are she'll whip off her J.Lo inspired aviators and purr one of three things: a Cosi Signature Salad, a Gia Pronto salad or a salad from our own illustrious Houston Hall.

Dangerous Minds, Etc.

And yet another trainwreck for Kevin Spacey. In the tradition of perfectly respectable actors taking a step or 10 in the wrong direction, our man Kev follows K-Pax, Pay it Forward and The Life of David Gale with further punishment for unsuspecting moviegoers in the heartbreakingly vapid The United States of Leland. Spacey knows it's a bust and can't even show his face; on the movie poster, the man labeled as Kevin Spacey is not in fact Kevin Spacey, but the lesser known actor Martin Donovan -- who spends the entire movie making a big stink just because someone up and knifed his autistic son.
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