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Rema Bhat


These Philadelphia Bakeries are Using Food to Fight Racism

Camille Cogswell, High Street Philly, and Fitz and Starts discuss what it's like to use baked goods as a form of protest.

Meet ‘MOSAIC,’ the Podcast Sharing Stories of Belonging at Wharton

How the Wharton podcast was born out of the initiative to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Why Do Rom–Coms Think Only White People Fall in Love?

Hollywood systematically underrepresents BIPOC. 

It's Time to Move Past Choice Feminism

Mainstream feminism is preventing our liberation from the patriarchy. 

The Madonna–Whore Complex Puts Women in Danger

The dichotomy of "pure" versus "sexual" can harbor serious consequences for women. 

Unpacking Kashmir, the Hidden Genocide

India's occupation is depriving the region of resources, autonomy, and history.

What Do Kylie Jenner and Belle Delphine Have in Common?

White mimesis of ethnic features and cultural appropriation reifies the hyper–sexualization of women of color. 

Our Bodies are just Bodies

By celebrating what our bodies do over what they look like, body neutrality presents a cure to our image–obsessed culture.

The Gentrification of Fashion: Re–Selling on Depop

Price–gouging and fast–fashion shaming render sustainability exclusive.

Hello Kitty ACAB: The Aestheticization of Politics

"Woke" memes aren't the flex you think they are.  
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