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Sophie Burkholder


Marie Cuttoli: The Hero of Modern Tapestry

The latest exhibition at the Barnes Foundation attempts to highlight a long-forgotten entrepreneur and patron of French tapestry.

Can Breathing Make you Better in Bed?

I went to a tantric sex class alone. Here's how it went. 

Now Hiring: Earning Money While Contributing to Research

Students turn to medical and behavioral studies for extra income–and sometimes fun

'Frankenthaler on Paper': Small Works, Infinite Meaning

The Arthur Ross Gallery sheds light on rarely seen works of Helen Frankenthaler.  

Is 'Little Women' Really Feminist?

Greta Gerwig's adaptations still leaves us with more questions than answers. 

Letter from the Climate Change Issue Editor

We need a revolution.

Does Anyone Really Know How to Recycle?

A look at University City recycling bins points to room for improvement.

Access Denied: A Closer Look at Test Banks

Test banks, and the policies that govern them, are a ubiquitous part of Penn, but they aren't  equally accessible to all students.

69th Street: The New Meet–Cute

In the wake of modern dating apps, is face–to–face romance dead?

‘30 Americans’ Brings Visions of a New Artistic Future to Philadelphia

The latest special exhibition at the Barnes Foundation commemorates the 10th anniversary of this travelling art collection.

69th Street: Actually, You Do Have Time for a Relationship

Why is a busy schedule such a common excuse for ending relationships?

Keeping the Faith with Chaz Howard

The University Chaplain talks about how to 'fight with one hand and embrace with the other.'

69th Street: The Orgasm Gap

This week, we're bringing a whole new meaning to "Mind the Gap."

Letter from the Dining Guide Editor

On food, money, and M.F.K. Fisher. 

A Day in Domenic Vitiello’s Urban Food Chain Course

Visits to places like Sankofa Community Farm highlight the importance of local food culture.

The Ultimate Chain Restaurant Bar Crawl

One writer's journey to the best casual dining chains Philly has to offer.

Don't Be Afraid of Eating Alone

Learning to cook helped me learn to enjoy my own company.

'arms ache avid aeon' Brings ACT UP–Era Activism to the ICA

Four core members of the art collective fierce pussy showcase work old and new.

'I Do Not Know What I Am Like': Bill Viola at the Barnes

The latest special exhibition at the Barnes is a video–centric spiritual wonder in contemporary art.

69th Street: Should You Stay Friends with Your Ex?

Is the idea of remaining close to a former partner mature or masochistic?
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