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Overheards 9.20.17

Archetypal Penn dude: "We're dating. With an asterisk." 


We're Looking for the Most Eligible Bachelorettes at Penn!

Know a bachelorette who's truly the cream of the crop? Nominate them here!


Know Any Cool Seniors? Nominate Them For Ego of the Week!

Street is looking for unique, driven, quirky, and just all–around awesome seniors to be Ego of the Week. Sound like someone you know? Nominate them here!

Overheards 08.30.17

Washed up frat star: God is dead, and frats have killed him.

History, Mystery, and Intrigue: Penn's Most Hidden Gems

If you were too busy daydreaming on your Penn tour to remember that the Quad was built in 1492 or the names of William Henry Harrison’s frat, we’ve created our own map of Penn landmarks every incoming student should know.

Street Staff's Advice to Freshmen

Here's the deal, kiddos - we learned some of these lessons the hard way. Now, you shouldn't have to. 

The Definitive Penn Bucket List




We’re so happy you picked up this application. Whether you’re a Penn student, an Internet pervert or a pyramid scammer, we want YOU to apply for 34th Street!

Shoutouts Submission: Spring 2017

It's the best time of the year—when you get to call out some shit.

Penn Bucket List

All the things you wanted to do (but haven't yet).

Overheards 3.23.17

Wall Street–bound Whartonite: Ugh, these jobs are all public interest, and I have no interest in helping the public.

Overheards 02.23.17

Girl who actually knows what goes on inside of that place: Last week I threw up in Perry World House.

Overheards 02.16.17

An OCRsexual girl: His LinkedIn is turning me on.

Penn 10 Submissions

The younger, hipper version of Forbes 30 Under 30—just with more Quakers and (slightly) fewer billionaires.


The Virgin Mary herself: What if I just become a born again virgin? People do that right?

Best Shows to Watch High

We'll make the decision for your baked and indecisive ass.

Hit It or Quit It

Sometimes you're in, but most of the time you're out.

Penn's Most Eligible Bachelors: the Nomination Round

Got a hot friend? Is he single? Can he call me? Let us know.

Hit It or Quit It

Sometimes you're in, but most of the time you're out.

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