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Overheards 2.21.2018

RELS Professor: "Heroin is awesome! Don't judge it 'til you try it."

Wes and Sophia

How Wes and Sophia Fell in Love

Hear both sides of their love story

Ha and David Share their Love Story

How Ha and David Fell in Love

Their advice? Date your friends.


Overheards 2.14.2018

Inquisitive Gay: “When everyone was yelling about ‘big dick Nick,’ I was like ‘this is the most excited I’ve ever seen straight men get about a penis’.”

CARLY RYAN _ singles on valentines day. music.JPG

A Playlist for Single People on Valentine's Day

We came up with a few lonely songs for the lonely.


Overheards: 2.7.2018

Statesman Reader: "This is so funny! I mean, this is sarcastic, right?"


Overheards 1.31.2018

Kid upon seeing the Pee Statue: "Oh my god, it's Isaac Newton."


Overheards 1.24.2018

GEOL 125 Student: "There's only one rock I care about, and it's Kid Rock."


Submit to Street's Love–Themed Personal Essay Contest!

Tell us where it hurts, baby.


Overheards 1.17.18

Huntsman Realist: “I can leave my coat here. These people are more likely to steal my econ notes than my jacket.”


Your Definitive Guide to 2017's Best Film & TV

Street objectively has good taste

e4481181-418b-4c1b-82df-f047e3653e88.sized-1000x1000 online.jpg

Street Picks: Best Songs of 2017

Street's contenders for the absolute best song of 2017.

Street Social Image

Apply to be on 34th Street Staff for Spring 2018!

Our application is live and ready for the fillin' out.

End the Silence

Studying Abroad in the Age of Trump

His reputation and tiny hands reach all over the globe.


Fro Gro's Wine Selection is Fucking Amazing

Thinking outside of the (wine) box at FroGro.


Overheards: 11.15.17

Traditionalist: “I’m saving anal for marriage.”


Overheards 11.8.17

Young Lucille Bluth at Copa: "I love how mean I get when I drink!"

Basic RGB

Street's 2018 Senior Superlatives

You voted, we found 'em. 


Overheards: 11.1.17

Adamant frat bro: I swear I’m gonna be a father by the end of the month.

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