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Letter from the Editor: 34th Street Magazine's Assault Survivor Issue

Why Street decided to publish an issue entirely filled with assault testimonies 


How Getting the Flu Made Me Feel Better

And also medicine. Medicine helped too. 


So, Here's My Last Letter as Editor–in–Chief (Kind Of)

This job is tough. I'm honored I got to do it. 

Letter from the Editor 01.19.2017

I'm scared of the power Editor–in–Chief gives me. I'm terrified. But I'm also humbled and invigorated by it.


Why You Should be at Battle of the Bands and BMOC

Caring about things is actually pretty cool


Why I Started Working Out

(Despite My Hatred of Running)


Why We Need to Individualize The Way We Talk About Mental Health

I'm as much of a champion of mental health at Penn as anyone, but God forbid we talk about my mental health. 


How Dog Pictures Make My Life at Penn Better

Feeling stressed? I've got some pictures of dogs that might help. 


The World is Tough, But Women Are Great

We need more celebration—especially the celebration of some brilliant, accomplished, and super talented ladies.


Why Is Everyone I Know Getting Married?

And more importantly, why does it freak me out so much? 


Why I'm Still Searching for Answers at a Post–Task Force Penn

How Street sought clarity—and found none 


Why I Am a Ball of Stress...And Why It's Okay

How to Destress (Hint: Find and Pet Dogs on Locust) 

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.01.58 PM.png

Street Has a New, Desperately Needed Website

And it's designed to actually make sense. You're welcome. 


Letter from the Editor: 9/6/2017

I struggle with an unanswerable question: how do you mourn someone you never knew?

Letter from the Editor: 8.30.2017

If you see a gap in the narrative, fill it yourself. If Street is missing a voice, lend yours. Come share your words with us—we'd love to hear them.  

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