This is the true story of one girl, picked to live in a shitty dorm and write a review to find out what happens when you gather annoying typecasts and start being cliche. MTV's The Real World: San Diego is just plain lame. The Real World franchise has gone downhill since its inception in 1992. For those living in a cave, the series showcases seven "diverse" strangers who live together for six months under the constant eyes of MTV's cameras .

This time around, the show has moved to sunny San Diego where the cast members are living in a waterfront mansion. Their job is to give sailing tours on the San Diego Bay. That's easier said than done -- one cast member has a severely strange boat phobia.

The season is off to a disappointing start. In one episode, the cast divides itself into the "enlightened" and "fun-loving southerner" groups. Early on, an emotional outbreak from Cameran -- the "trophy wife" -- prompts most people aware of racism to roll their eyes and others to roll right out of their seats.

In other fantastically exciting news, two members of the cast have already been arrested. It's unclear who looks worse: the cops or the cast. Even though MTV hyped up the recent episode with numerous commercials, the episode failed to live up to expectations.

Critiquing a reality show can be particularly cruel since the "actors" are real people. But still, some things need to be said. Brad is your typical alpha male who loses most of his morals -- and his girlfriend -- within the first two episodes. Jamie and Randy have been pretty quiet so far, though the upcoming episodes surely promise to highlight whatever inane and pedantic idiosyncrasies they might have. Robin is a bartender and a quarrelsome bitch. She will probably incite much of the drama on the show. Jacquese is the most level-headed member of the cast, and he's ridiculously cool to boot. Frankie is alternative -- she boasts more than once to having met her current boyfriend in the back of a porn shop -- yet she also has a good head on her shoulders.

The house in San Diego has made a name for itself in local papers because of an alleged rape. The suspect is an acquaintance of Randy's. Intense investigations are currently underway. Fortunately for the show, it will actually have to deal with a real issue.

The Real World is reportedly coming to Philadelphia, which means there might be a cast member interacting with you at this very moment. But for San Diego, odds are some fans will change the channel as Tuesdays at 10 p.m. get more dull and routine by the minute.


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