I take it as fact that whenever I unintentionally see a musician or band live, I will become obsessed with them. By obsessed I mean I’ll subsequently stalk them on facebook/twitter/youtube with the hopes of becoming their number one fan. I unintentionally saw Grouplove as an opening act for Two Door Cinema Club a couple of years ago and the rest is history.


Last weekend, my music taste brought me out to Union Transfer to see Bastille (a British indie band you should also check out because they are the ACTUAL best). My unpunctuality was somewhat intentional. I wasn’t interested in seeing Nightmare & The Cat—are you kidding me? What kind of band name is that? Bastille was my one intention. I had been listening to their newest album, Bad Blood, nonstop before the show.  Surprisingly, arriving at 9:00 instead of 8:00 did not save me from seeing some opening acts. Little Daylight came out just as I made my way to the front of the crowd. It was meant to be.


My friends and I were snuck up on the left to the very front. We were close enough to properly admire Eric, the super hot bassist slash keyboardist wearing a button-down shirt that fit snuggly over his bulging arms. Nikki, the vocalist, was wearing a white crop top and a black miniskirt—cute by default. Her hair, though, oh my god. Her soft brown curls reached her hips and she was rocking the bangs I’ve been obsessing over for fall—actual girl crush. Being 5’2”, it was impossible for me to see Matt, the third musketeer. Sorry, dude – I’m sure you’re awesome too!


“Name in Lights” was their opening song – which I actually knew. To my surprise, Little Daylight remixes had made it to my favorites page on Hypem. I was unconsciously a fan. They’ve been remixing Passion Pit and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros for a while. The eclectic beats and dream pop voice from their original songs has now caught my attention. At the show, it didn’t take long for my friends and I to start dancing to Little Daylight’s biggest hit, “Overdose,” without even knowing the lyrics.


In a nutshell, Little Daylight sounds exactly like what you’d expect a Blondie–influenced futuristic pop band to sound like—in the best way possible. It’s beautiful. It’s dreamy. It’s sexy. It’s catchy. Songs range from upbeat and very danceable to chill and groovy—perfect for transitioning from VP to a late night at the Radian.


Little Daylight strikes a good balance between rock acoustics and futuristic sounds. H having seen them live, I am definitely obsessed. Their debut EP—“Tunnel Vision”—has been on repeat for 18 hours and counting.


Now a fangirl, I have discovered that Eric, the super hot bassist, went to Penn. What a lovely surprise. Keep killing it, Penn alums. You’re doing great.



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