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Ben Lerner


Elizabeth Banks Directs "Pitch Perfect 2: Finding Her Pennspiration

Elizabeth Banks, C’96. At Penn, she was Elizabeth Mitchell, the theatre-obsessed, Comm-majoring Tridelt. In Hollywood, she's a badass female director.

Review: “Whiplash”

One hundred intense minutes to remind you that music conservatories are so much harder than Penn.

Review: “The Skeleton Twins”

From SNL to FML: Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader bring laughs and tears as clinically depressed twins in this winning dramedy.

Oscars 2014: Five Biggest Snubs

Breaking down the most bitter group of individuals on Oscar night; they won’t even be getting that sick losers’ goodie bag.

No Lies: A Nolibs Suppa–Star

This BYO’s eclectic menu is sure to leave you satisfied and stuffed.

A House of Their Own

Friday, midnight. The sounds of drunken classmates at parties along Spruce seep into the lounge, but these Penn students wouldn’t consider it.


It’s been called “Oz” with chicks.

SMASH RECAP: "Opening Night"

Five chills-inducing triumphant moments from the un-ironically stellar episode showcasing the premiere of “Bombshell."

Ego Presents: So You're Still Unemployed?

[kml_flashembed publishmethod="static" fversion="8.0.0" movie="http://media.dpn.s3.amazonaws.com/28895_0418_streetunemployedo.swf" width="600" height="350" targetclass="flashmovie"] [/kml_flashembed]

Ego's Annual Spring Fling Survival Guide

Just as the weather gets good enough to actually look like Fling, Mother Nature is threatening to rain on our parade. Never fear: Ego’s here to ensure you have the rowdiest Fling in forty years.

SMASH RECAP: "The Surprise Party"

In which Liza Minelli’s fabulous cameo is relegated to Saturday nights.

SMASH RECAP: "The Parents"

Five fierce season one throwbacks in “The Parents” that had us jazz-handsing for joy

Ego Therapy: March Madness Troubleshooting

There’s something about this time of year that has everyone kvetching. Can you literally not right now? Same here. We present the most common complaints you’ll hear around campus and how to survive all the drama.

Word on the Street: Who Run the Fling (Girls)

There are many fields that men continue to dominate, even after years of progress for feminism and equal pay for women.

Post–Spring Break Penn: A Guide to the Usual Suspects and How to Deal with Them

In the weeks following our all–too–short Spring Break, Locust will be filled with quintessential characters. Ego identifies these SB stereotypes and shows you how to handle the whining, bragging and preaching.


One night only with the incomparable Veronica Moore. And a gasp-worthy finale.

SMASH RECAP: "The Dramaturg"

Five actually fabulous moments from the first episode of the NBC musical dramedy since its two-hour season premiere February 5.

First Ladies Chillin' On Campus

No Penn alum has ever become President of the United States, but many have visited campus... as have their wives. Hail to the high profile First Ladies.

Ralic's on South: Finally, Fresh Seafood

Newcomer Ralic’s on South provides surprisingly fresh fare for its family–friendly decor

Top 10 Things to Expect Coming Back From Abroad

So you’re back from your world travels to dear old Penn. From Finland to Filthadelphia. Here’s what you’ll face on a daily basis.
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