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Julie Steinberg


Going, Going, Gone

There’s something to be said for the perfect road trip. Dashing away to “find yourself” in the grand tradition of Kerouac is an oft-invoked cinematic theme.

Days of Our (College) Lives

Get accepted. Getting into college is tougher than it used to be, so you may need to resort to stealing the SATs.

Summer Syllabus

Marisha Pessl Special Topics in Calamity Physics, 2006 After reading the first two paragraphs of Marisha Pessl’s debut novel, you will want to throttle the narrator.

Fling's Most Wanted

I rarely got in trouble as a kid. Sure, I received the occasional detention for talking in class, but those ended shortly after I began copying lines from the blackboard.

Shooters and Lads

Philadelphia is mad about gastropubs. Predicated on serving high(er) quality food alongside specialty drinks, they’re a welcome alternative to long, drawn-out meals.

A Sweet and Bitter Fruit

The movie 300 depicts Persian king Xerxes’ decadent lair: plush tapestries, muted lighting and opulent metallic touches lend themselves to hedonistic indulgence.

La Primavera

Cherry blossoms are traditionally known for their brevity. They bloom during one season and make audiences wait another year for the pleasure of their company.

Preview: Human Rights Film Festival

It’s tough to think of people other than your love du jour over Valentine's Day. But if you prefer the Peace Corp to petunias, check out this week’s selections from the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

Actors I Thought I Wanted to Marry

Going to a movie is much like going on JDate. We scope out the leading men, assess their talents and qualifications and ultimately decide whether they’d function as good first husbands.

Sticking It To 'Em

The Class of 1923 Arena that houses Penn’s ice rink is unknown to most students. Straddling the end of the Walnut Street Bridge on 31st Street, it’s a hulking, faded brown building outshined by luxury apartments across the street.

Cool Runnings

Weather.com informed me that last Friday afternoon would be “18 degrees, feels like 1.” So I bundled up in six layers and proceeded to class in College Hall, where I removed four of them in response to Facilities’ overzealousness with the classroom heaters.

From Transylvania to Hollywood

“Bite me” splashes across the chest of a 13-year-old waiting in line in San Francisco to meet the cast of Twilight.

Interview With A Vampire

Robert Pattinson is bewildered. Toying with a half-empty bottle of Coke set in front of him, he thumbs the cap a few times before answering a question at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Taking Credit

It’s been relatively easy to bash Whartonites and their ilk over the past several weeks. “Look at those fat cats on Wall Street, with their $60 million severance packages,” everyone from the crazy guy next to the Button to The New York Times has sniffed.

To Infinity and Beyond!

The teen movie is like the irksome little sister of the film industry. It's there and sometimes it can be entertaining, but for the most part, life would be a lot less annoying if it would stop talking so much and quit reading your diary.

A Stroll Through The Parc

As an aspiring Philadelphia foodie, I tend to embrace the inherent superiority of BYOs over their liquor-laden counterparts.

Celebrity Crush

Dear James, I'll never forget the first time I saw you. You were walking on hind legs, striding across the screen as a Mr. Tumnus so good-looking, C.S.

Editor's Picks

New Releases: Young @ Heart: Centegenarians croon without (apparent) fear of keeling over. John McCain, take note.

Because Steven Spielberg Is Getting Old

If the phrase "student film" makes you think of last night's exploits splashed across YouPorn.com, you haven't embraced the Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival (GPSFF). A contest for Philadelphia-area university students, the festival gives awards in five different categories.

Drunken Noodles

Aqua Malaysian & Thai Cuisine 705 Chestnut Street (215) 928-2838 For some, the realization comes early freshman year.
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