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Heritage Restaurant Brings the Fun, Live Salsa and Latin Jazz

This restaurant brings more than just good food.


How to Pick What Festival to go to This Summer

There are so many of them and they all sound the same.

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10 Music Videos You Have to See

My favorite music videos will soon be yours too.

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If Penn Buildings Had Spotify Playlists, These Would be 5 of Them

We all know these buildings would have distinct tastes in music.

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Here's What Penn is Listening to

We surveyed Penn students on what song they can't stop playing.

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Let's Bring Flash Fiction to Music: Songs that Tell a Story

I'm tired of hearing songs about real life.


Why the Jaw Harp is the Dopest Instrument

Guitars are lame, jaw harps bang.


Mindi Abair Made Me Want to See More College Students at Jazz Concerts

A captivating performance that was a great change of pace from frats.

Mindi Abair

Saxophonist Mindi Abair Talks Her Career and Industry Sexism

The phrase "pretty good for a girl" is no longer derogatory, but a call to action.

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Promotional Techniques Get Weird for Smaller Artists

Artists gain traction with MILF contests and sex tapes.

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Why Artists are Making the Strawberry Part of Their Brand

The shift of the strawberry from song titles to t–shirts.


'Nation of Two' by Vance Joy Doesn't Hold Up

Introducing an album of mediocre ballads for folk fangirls.


80s Punk Rock: If It Was Released Today, We'd See a Lot More Backlash

PC culture and how it affects backhanded humor.

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Why Every Music Festival Has the Same Lineup

If you want to hit more than one festival, expect to see Eminem a couple of times.


LOVEJOY: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Album For Penn Students

Anderson .Paak explores the moody in–betweenness of adolescence with a touch of funk.


Student Rapper: How Felly Went From USC to Touring the US

How a suburban white boy made his mark on the rap game.

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Meme Rap: It’s Becoming More Ridiculous in the Best Possible Way

As internet memes become more and more absurd, so does meme rap.

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