I don’t remember what I did last weekend. Not because I blacked out, but because I do the same thing every night of every weekend and I can’t differentiate them in my mind anymore.

This is probably a pretty depressing thought: that my life at Penn is being stored in my memory to the same degree as what I had for dinner last night. But I also think that it’s not a strictly Penn thought, or a strictly me thought. Anyone’s life can feel like a monotonous marathon, anywhere at any time. The difference at Penn, I think, is that it’s not a marathon. It’s a sprint that just does not end.

Our lives move so fucking fast here. Think about how your summer went versus how your past semester went. Summer dragged and the semester flew, and I think that pace is what makes it so hard to break the monotony: there’s never really any time to breathe.

So that’s what I challenge you to do this week: Figure out one way to step off the track and break the sameness. Maybe don’t go to Smokes’ every night this weekend. Try something new in bed, go to the Waffle food truck instead of Lyn’s or just stop making the same plans with the same people that are making your life miserable.

Whatever it is, figure out a way to spice up your life. Penn is very not boring, Philly is very not boring. Smokes’ is boring, and so is sex in missionary. Be more exciting than that.