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Emily Maiorano


Does AI Belong in Art?

From ChatGPT to TikTok filters, artists and scientists alike wonder how AI fits into the human community—and MoMA has answers.

‘Stewarding Nature’ with #SaveTheMeadows

The city’s “master plan” for FDR Park delivers long–awaited resources to South Philadelphia—but not in a way that keeps the needs of the community or nature in mind.

The Medium Is The Message

How Banksyland Fails the Artist Himself

Jennette McCurdy’s ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ Is for the Nickelodeon Kids Who Are All Grown Up

The “iCarly” actress’ memoir is a cleverly self–aware and cynical narration of her dangerous and interconnected relationships with acting, food, and her mother.

Where Indie Folk Meets Film Score

Lila Dubois and Miles Tobel’s premier album, “Maybe This Is A Bad Idea” is one of cinematic, indie sound.

Yune Kim Finds the Purpose of Career Within Art

Her playfulness and wonder seeps through every aspect of her art—whether it be textbook illustrations or bunny bucket hats.

The Separation of Church and State

On the overturning of Roe v. Wade

“In Full Bloom” Explores Sustainability in Philly

The nation’s oldest horticultural event is more than just a pretty flower show.

Make Way for gloss: A Local Band That Sparkles in Their Authenticity

This Philadelphia–born, all–female band is making their mark on the city's music scene—one glitter baptism at a time. 

The Arden's “School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play" Highlights Underrepresentation in Penn's Theatre Scene

Penn's performing arts communities could learn a thing or two from “School Girls,” says rising senior Cristle Ike.

Florence Crowns Herself King of Both Lyrics and Poetry in 'Dance Fever'

In their new album, Florence + the Machine bridges worlds of poetry and lyrics through spoken word and song.

‘Heartstopper’ Shows Us That Queer Happiness Is Here to Stay

The Netflix adaptation of the webcomic has been renewed for two more seasons of doodled, queer joy.

Ocean Vuong Promotes His New Poetry Collection, 'Time is a Mother,' at the Philadelphia Free Library

In conversation with Airea Matthews, Ocean Vuong returns to the grief of losing his mother while discussing the colonization of creative writing.

Tarot Card Art Is a Visual Timeline of Cultural Mysticism

From Renaissance Italy to TarotTok, today’s tarot card designs bring modern flair to ancient wisdom.

Meet Kaiser Ke, Whose Work Makes You Look at the Art Before the Artist

Artist Spotlight | In 'Non Sequitur,' his premiere exhibit at the Philomathean Society, Kaiser reincarnates not only art, but history.

Knockbox Cafe is a Knockout

Heather DeGrands' cafe brings color, community, and delicious food to University City.

Getting to Know '100 People'

Mark Stockton’s exhibition turns the portrait into a non–hierarchical medium.

On Penn's Campus, Women's History Lurks in Plain Sight

Explore iconic female figures on campus through these ten artworks.

The Rotunda Offers a Space for Art, and Community Too

Inside a landmark West Philly cultural center
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