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HubBub Coffee To Close Permanently

The café's last day will be Friday, May 11th. 


Penn 10: Darnell Foreman

What's life like after March Madness? Penn's #4 and star point guard talks about getting into parties, enjoying his senior year, and winning. Watch out—we hear he's going pro. 

ANNE MARIE GRUDEM_Rory Gilmore sucks.jpg

Why Rory Gilmore Actually Kind of Sucks

Street deconstructs your problematic fave.

Toast laden with ricotta cheese and brussels sprout ceviche.jpg

Hungry Pigeon: If Portlandia Were a Restaurant

A little birdie told us to try this comfort food.


The 2 Best Ethiopian Restaurants in West Philly

Drool–worthy Ethiopian food around the corner from Penn's campus.

franklin's table 4

Winners and Losers of 2017

Event Observers, halal trucks, and the ozone layer—who took an L and who came out on top?


How to Kick Ass at Smokes' Quizzo

Take some inspiration from Sun Tzu's Art of War.


At the Keswick with the Guys of Crooked Media

Street talks to liberal media's white knights.


Your Quintessential Vegan/Vegetarian Roundup



Penn's Complicated Relationship with Gentrification in West Philadelphia

Replacing mom–and–pop shops with Lil' Pop Shop

Hoodie Allen

Highbrow Throwback: Hoodie Allen

There ain't nothing like a (U)Penn girl. 


Highbrow's Guide to Alternative Dirty Rushing

Like regular rushing, just dirtier. 


You’ve seen them. You’ve probably even been one of them. 

Street Book Club: American Pastoral

In this book, everything is political.

Street Reviews: Arrested Development

America’s first family is back. But their last name isn’t Obama, Trump or even Bush. It’s Bluth.

Ask A Pre–Frosh: Becca Bean

Were we ever so young?

Ask a Pre–Frosh: Aashna Jain

Were we ever so young?

Hit it or Quit It: Summer on Campus

Hit it: Summer Curfews

Quit it: Philly nightlife

Between the mandated curfew for 9–18 year–olds in Philly’s 18th police precinct and the overabundance of summer programs adding to the already–long list of infestations in the Quad, it seems like our beloved corner of the city is shutting down.

Highbrow Can't Even: Name–Dropping

We get it, Gretchen, your dad is the inventor of Toaster Strudel. But are you realllllllllly putting your best Stuart Weitzman–clad foot forward when your fun fact at your SPEC Connaissance meeting icebreaker consists entirely of the fact that your parents donated one of the shitty study lounges in the quad?

Never do you hear more “my ‘father/uncle/second–cousin/ex–boyfriend's family friend’ ...” than during OCR.

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