While none of us could have anticipated the effects that the advent of COVID–19 would have on our society, the hardships and grief of life under lockdown have certainly been felt by all of us. Separated from our loved ones and facing a future full of uncertainty, quarantine has pushed us to find new ways to cope with our so–called "new normal."

Street welcomed staffers to submit photos of the things that brought them a sense of peace in an era marked by quiet chaos. From snuggling with pets to exploring a new hobby, here are a few tidbits of positivity that helped our staff survive the past year.

Photo: Maddie Muldoon Photo courtesy of Maddie Muldoon

"During quarantine, I started baking a lot more and got really into baking homemade bread." — Maddie Muldoon (C '23)

Photo: Lily Stein Photo courtesy of Lily Stein

"I worked on an organic farm called Granor Farm during the summer quarantine ... Doing manual labor, being in nature, and eating the fresh food that I grew made all the difference." — Lily Stein (C '22)

Photo: Mehek Boparai Photo courtesy of Mehek Boparai

"Love in the time of COVID–19 means sitting all afternoon in the warm West–Coast weather, curled up with a puppy and a classic." — Mehek Boparai (C '22)

Photo: Alice Heyeh Photo courtesy of Alice Heyeh

"My resolution for this year is to wake up earlier and (hopefully) become more of a morning person!" — Alice Heyeh (C '22)

Photo: Hannah Lonser Photo courtesy of Hannah Lonser

"My roommates and I have taken up painting together since returning to Penn as a fun way to relax." — Hannah Lonser (C '23)

Photo: Sejal Sangani Photo courtesy of Sejal Sangani

"I love going to drive through light shows in my city!" — Sejal Sangani (C '24)

Photo: Jesse Zhang Photo courtesy of Jesse Zhang

"A coffee a day has been keeping my troubles away." — Jesse Zhang (C '24)

Photo: Sukhmani Kaur Photo courtesy of Sukhmani Kaur

"I found love through sharing my paintings with friends." — Sukhmani Kaur (C '22)

Photo: Chelsey Zhu Photo courtesy of Chelsey Zhu

"My dog, Dolce, has been my constant companion in quarantine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing better than having him snuggle up next to me on the couch while I’m watching online lectures." — Chelsey Zhu (C '22)

Photo: Jessa Glassman Photo courtesy of Jessa Glassman

"Here’s a picture of a focaccia bread I made over quarantine!" — Jessa Glassman (C '24)