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Grindr and Gay Loneliness

How Grindr Culture is Hurting Our Mental Health


You and Your Friends Will Love Dae Bak

Korean Food for a Crew


Skin Care for Men

Spoiler Alert: It's the same for women.

SecurityGuard online.jpg

The Night's Watch

A 12-hour shift with Penn's security guards

Poi Dog Philly Opens in Rittenhouse

From Food Truck to Storefront 

Work Out Without Leaving Your Dorm

Fitness from your room

The Millennial Pink Obsession

Not to be confused with Baby Boomer Fuchsia

Bring Back the Crush

What ever happened to crushing on someone?

Face It, You Don't Know How to Relax

It's harder than it sounds.

A Thrifty Guide to Spring Cleaning

Clean your room, not your wallet

Royal Tea Truck Takes The Throne

The story behind that new truck near Saxbys

What The Franzia Flavor Says About the BYO You Just Came From

Not all Franz is created equal. 

Valentine's Day Around the World

Love like Mr. Worldwide

Drunk in Love: Sugar Philly's Boozy Macarons

A Valentine's Day Special

Chestnut's Rise to the Top

A New Era 

Spilling the Tea on Campus Teas

It's a Tea Party

Unique Beauty Trends

Extraordinary beauty

American Apparel's Lasting Legacy

We're going to miss the mom jeans

Woman On Fire

The secret history behind the VP peace symbol

Election Reflection: Andreas Pavlou C'19

While I would not like to speak for everyone, I think it is safe to generally say that it can be hard to love yourself in America if you identify as any sort of minority or marginalized person.  While it’s always going to be hard to identify as an “other” there are some things that can make it better.

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