Jamie Kennedy created and plays the role of Brad "B-Rad" Gluckman alongside a talented cast in Malibu's Most Wanted. B-Rad claims he's tested positive for G.A.M.E., but the film's in need of some. The work of Kennedy, Taye Diggs, Blair Underwood and Bo Derek can not save this mediocre film.

B-Rad is a rich white boy from Malibu -- "the Bu," as he calls it. He is seen as a potential danger to his father's gubernatorial campaign after he attempts to stress his father's pro-women's-rights-view by posting a huge banner that reads BILLY G'S DOWN WITH THE BITCHES AND HO'S! Thus, the campaign manager hires two articulate actors to be gangstas, kidnap B-Rad, take him to South Central and "scare the black out of him." Come on, you'd do the same thing. This ploy unwittingly sparks a subplot of romantic interest between B-Rad and one of the actors-turned-gangstas' cousins (Regina Hall). In the end, everyone finally realizes that B-Rad is just being who he is -- he cannot and should not be changed. Despite being fairly fun with some clever lines and amusing situations, the film remains only slightly engaging and leaves much to be desired. -- Hannah Wurzel


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