Never answer the question asked of you. Answer the question you wish was asked of you," Robert McNamara says with a hint of a grin towards the end of The Fog of War, a documentary on the infamous Secretary of Defense.

The film, directed by Errol Morris, deftly blends old war footage with rare presidential recordings to recreate the heightened anxiety, tension and confusion of Cold War crises. The retelling of the Cold War through the eyes of the man instrumental in orchestrating its darkest moments eerily casts light on the depth, deception and inner personal politics of war and government. In the film, McNamara is sharp, brilliant and willing to admit human error. Through the 11 lessons, he recalls his life and career, only breaking his well-known professional poise when reminiscing on tough moral issues.

The film is highly relevant to today's geo-political security situations -- and McNamara knows it. Any political science major, military enthusiast or just someone looking for a movie with real substance will enjoy this innovative introspective.

-- Rachel Senturia


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