You know the restaurant that Wedge + Fig wants to be — stylized menu, salads and sandwiches sitting just so on the plate. And that’s what I wanted Wedge + Fig to be, too. I hoped for a restaurant so cute it didn’t matter what the food tastes like; or a spot where the food is delicious enough to make its ambiance irrelevant.

The truffled egg salad ($7.95) was, in hindsight, a bad idea. Nothing more than a gooey mass of hard boiled egg on top of lettuce, the salad, infused with truffle oil, gave it an unwelcome meatiness. It was good until it wasn’t. And then it was nauseating. The dish made me envy my friends’ polite quinoa and Cobb salads, slime–free and allegedly delicious.

At a restaurant called “Wedge + Fig,” one expects to eat figs and and hunks of cheese — or maybe figs set atop some decorative block. Either way, the only figs available were served to me upon special request, and they came from a jar, withered and too sweet.

The best part about Wedge + Fig is its backyard. A tunnel that seems to be punched through a building opens into a back garden lined with gravel and adorned with wrought iron tables. Look up to see a square of sky, tree branches and a string of round lightbulbs. While charm is incidental, the setup lacks design, and did not make up for aforementioned culinary mishaps.

If you seek a cute cafe, I’d recommend you hold off on Wedge + Fig. But if you enjoy a salad with complicated ingredients regardless of the font on the menu, just don’t order truffled egg salad. But then again, who would do that?

Wedge + Fig 160 N. 3rd St. (215) 238–1716 $$$$$ Don't Miss: the quinoa salad Skip: the truffled egg salad