Street: What do you do on campus? Jen Chaquette: I’m the chair of the Student Activites Council, which is responsible for allocating about a million dollars worth of trustees’ funds to varying student groups. I’m the Executive Vice President of the Panhellenic Council and the former president of a sorority. I’m also on the Mock Trial team, I’m doing Seniors for the Penn Fund and I’m in Omega and Friars.

Street: As head of SAC, what’s the one student activity you wish you could try? JC: I think being in Penn Lions would be really cool. Basically, we give them a couple of thousand dollars and they buy these lion costumes and just dance. I can’t dance and I’m not artistic, but because they’re in lion costumes, I would love to be in Penn Lions.

Street: What part of the lion costume would you be? Front, middle, or back? JC: Front. I’m a go–getter.

Street: If you could start a student group on an activity that’s not at Penn, what would it be? JC: My requirements for this club would be that it literally had unlimited money, so that you can taste all of the food.

Street: Would you be a Judge Judy or a Judge Joe Brown? Defend your case. JC: I think I would be a Judge Judy. She’s sassy, but fair.

Street: Hypothetical—if you were defending yourself in the courtroom for one crime, what would that crime be? JC: It would definitely be something white–collar. It would probably be like fraud or embezzlement. Embezzlement is always a good one.

Street: What would be your spirit animal? JC: Probably Dean Furda. He’s kind of a boss.

Street: In your opinion, what’s the biggest misconception about Greek Life? JC: That you’re only friends with people in your chapter. I remember when I got into my sorority I thought that this was going to define me almost—that these were going to be my friends, that I was only going to mix with the frats my sorority mixed with… but especially junior and senior year I realized that’s totally not true. After freshman year, everyone hangs out together. Everyone goes to Smokes. It really doesn’t matter what chapter you’re in.

Street: What’s your theme song? JC: “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Street: Do you have a secret talent? JC: I can eat a whole pizza by myself. I also used to play the hand bells competitively.

Street: There are two kinds of people at Penn… JC: People who are on the VIP list at Allegro, and the people who don’t even know it exists. I’m on the VIP list.

Street: Wait, what? JC: Okay, so for the past two years I’ve lived on 39th and Spruce—my sorority house—and I would just order delivery from Allegro very often. It was great. Then last November or December I got this email that said, like, “Congratulations! You’ve been added to the Allegro VIP list!” When I call they’re like, “Hey, is this Jen?” I don’t even need to say “hi.” I think that’s the perk of being on the VIP list. I wouldn’t call myself a regular anywhere else, so it’s cool to be a known entity somewhere.

Street: If you are what you eat, what would you be? JC: Chocolate ice cream. Or a filet mignon. Those are my two favorite foods, but I identify more with the filet mignon.


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