“Adorn”—Miguel I still put this song on first whenever I’m with a girl. —College Freshman

“Erotica”—Madonna I’m gay. Like, super gay. —Pre–Dental Senior

“Letters From the Sky”—Civil Twilight It was really sweet. He cooked me dinner and we made out for a bit. There is a part in the song that goes “and I know,” and that was when I knew we were going to do it. The guy turned out to be a complete asshole, and we broke up awhile later, but as far as first times go, I wouldn’t change it. ­—Wharton Junior

“Too Close”—Alex Clare (Ed. Note: Too relevant.) —Brooklyn–based Sophomore

“Stacks”—Bon Iver It was snowing, and I bottomed. What else should have been playing? —Senior Transfer

“Through Glass”—Stone Sour Just listened to this for the first time in a long time...magic’s still there, babies. ­—English Major with Creative Writing Concentration

“Teenage Dream”—Katy Perry It was hilarious because the song is basically about losing your virginity. It wasn’t on right as it happened, but afterwards we turned on the TV and that music video was the first thing playing. —College Senior

Song Written by Boyfriend On Valentines’ Day, my boyfriend at the time’s present to me was a song he had written specifically for me. He sang and played the guitar, and I’m sure it’s obvious what happened next. It was a really sweet gesture and while I don’t remember how the song went I will always remember that night. —Theta Sophomore

Nada Do people really have sex to music? I guess I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. —College Junior

“Animal”—Neon Trees She was a virgin and so was I. Uh oh, What are you waiting fooooor? Obviously not marriage, thank God! —Bioengineering Senior

“Birthday Sex”—Jeremih So I lost my virginity in high school to a guy I had been dating. It didn’t actually play while we were doing it, but it did play while I was in the car driving home from his house. On my mom’s birthday.  Recap: “”Birthday Sex”” was playing on my mom’s birthday in the car as I was driving back from having sex. Obviously some higher power approved my scheduling choices. —A Cappella Senior

“Feeling Good”—Nina Simone (Ed. Note: We hope it did.) —Wharton Sophomore

Some Ratchet Spanish Gangsta Rap It was Valentine’s Day and a drunk, much younger, more naive version of myself thought it would be romantic to lose it in the back of my car. Blasted the radio and that nameless song came on just as he came in. —Swaggin’ SWUG

“Futurama” Not exactly music, but it happened. It was an episode about Valentine’s Day. —Engineering Sophomore

“Rock You Like a Hurricane”—The Scorpions It played on the radio as we drove to a hotel on the other side of town. It was so ridiculous that it was perfect. —College Sophomore

“Pregnant”—R. Kelly In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best mood music... but I happened to have the R. Kelly album on shuffle, and we all know what happens when Kels works his magic. —SAE Senior

“Digital Love”—Daft Punk We met on Tinder. —College Sophomore

“4’33””—John Cage Who the fuck listens to music while fucking? This is four minutes and 33 seconds of silence, which, lets be honest, is probably as long as anyone in this situation would last. —Girl English Major

“Push It”—Salt N Pepa The lyrics turned our tryst into a Simon says game. It was awesome. —Engineering Sophomore

“Crickets”—Nature Okay, so that’s not a real song, but I lost my blow job virginity in the guy’s front yard at 3 a.m. to the sound of crickets. Romance. —Sexual Soph

“Blurred Lines”—Robin Thicke Feeling extremely frustrated with my lack of being able to lose it at this point, I figured it would be a good time to just use a really cheesy pick up line with the hopes that one girl would be into it. I thought if I basically recited the lyrics to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” in a speaking monotone manner, it might get her going. Literally... the first girl I tried it on.... said she was down... and we went back to my place and had sex to that song. I only made it through the first verse though before I finished. —Wharton Senior

Nothing because... I haven’t lost it. —Kappa Sig Senior

“Soundtrack 2 My Life”—Kid Cudi “I got 99 problems and they all bitches” is a great confidence booster when it’s your first time. —SDT Junior

“Heart Skipped a Beat”—The xx “As the song says, my heart literally did skip a beat. It was also a great song logistically. There’s an ethereal aspect to this song that worked out great in bed.” —College Junior

“Pregnant”—R. Kelly. “Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant.” - R. Kelly, (Ed. Note: More than one person listened to this? People are weird.) ­—A Pennchant

“Your Body is a Wonderland”—John Mayer I think it’s every girl’s dream to have sex to this song (or to anything by John Mayer), (Ed. Note: Is it, though? Is it really?) so be jealous. —College Junior

“Bad Romance” covered by Joseph Gordon–Levitt It was my first successful masturbation/orgasm. I was watching a video of Joseph Gordon–Levitt singing “Bad Romance,” and it was really hot, and next thing I knew I was having an orgasm, and I was like holy shit this is the greatest association to have about JGL ever. I haven’t watched the video since. —Writing Bitch

“First of the Month”—Bone Thug I lost it to my best friend’s much older brother whom I had been in love with for years. It was awesome. Mediocre rap and all... Not  roses and “Dawson’s Creek” soundtrack, but by far the most memorable of all of my friends. —Sorority Senior

Some song by The Velvet Underground He was Canadian and hipster, and I liked it. — “Naked Girl” aka Wharton Senior

“Furr”—Blitzen Trapper (Ed. Note: Okay okay.) —MC Flowsman/Elmo Senior

“Bluish”—Animal Collective One of the sexiest songs I know, and Animal Collective wrote it? This song never fails to remind me of her. —(Another) SAE Senior


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