If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll know that the Democratic National Convention is being hosted in Philadelphia this summer, and it’s taking the City of Brotherly Love by storm. Whether you’re a DNC intern, a volunteer, or completely unaffiliated with the convention, you’ll want to take advantage of all the great deals and attractions the city has to offer. Check out the best ways to enjoy Philadelphia’s food, drink and fun during the week of the DNC.


Red Owl Tavern

As polisci majors will tell you, there’s no better place to get into the political spirit than the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall. And if you’re living in Philly for four years, you have to go at least once. So if you find yourself getting hangry post-tourist attraction, head across the street to the Red Owl Tavern who will be selling their popular burger and collaborative beer for $20.16 (how clever) at lunchtime during DNC week.

Square 1682

121 S. 17th Street

A bang-for-your-buck meal that’s served until midnight? We’re interested. Square 1682 will be offering Staff Meal Trays, a multi-course dinner complete with a Miller Highlife Pony, for a not-bad $25 until midnight during the DNC. Don’t skip lead bartender Daniel Kulisek specially crafted DNC drink, Kulisek’s The Hillary: a shot of Bulleit Rye served with a Diet Coke on the side, lemon twist included for $12.

Capofitto + Capogiro

Multiple Locations

Most people don’t give Capogiro enough credit on campus, but Capogiro might be the go-to for DNC week with extended hours at every location. We can’t forget that the award-winning Capo is getting creative for the DNC with Democrat themed flavors, like the hot pepper caramel swirled chocolate flavor called Hillary Hot Sauce. Our personal favorite? Feel the Burnt Sugar.



1717 Arch Street

Hit up Philly’s highest beer garden for its extended hours during the DNC, serving up unique beers until 10pm on weeknights and 11 pm on Saturdays. The menu includes DNC specials like an $8 Bluecoat American Dry Gin and Tonic. Located on the 51st floor of a Philadelphia skyscraper, you’ll be able to enjoy better beers than you’ll find at Smokes, better views than you’ll find at the High Rises, and better comedy (politics?) than you’ll find on TV.

Philadelphia Distilling

To celebrate the DNC, Philadelphia Distilling has launched Drink-cision, a creative cocktail campaign where the classic “Martini” and its rival “The Martinez” (each made with a different type of Bluecoat Gin) will compete online on Bluecoat’s Facebook. Check out both drinks and vote for your fave online in a poll where your opinion may matter just as much as it will in the general election. 


PoliticalFest 2016

Take advantage of PoliticalFest 2016, an American history and politics themed festival designed to let you enjoy and participate in the DNC, even if you’re not a volunteer or intern. Filled with interactive displays, trivia games and special guest appearances, PoliticalFest is a must for those in Philly this summer. Don’t miss the patriotic programming, and especially don’t confuse PoliticalFest with Made In America, a different USA themed festival with slightly different attire restrictions and liver demands.

Philly Feast

3rd and Arch

This Philly-centric food truck festival is designed to bring Philadelphia’s best food trucks (dare we say better than Hemo’s or Lyn’s?) to Old City. The festival will feature local food, live music and a bunch of Philly retail vendors for a full arts and culture experience. And while yes, this is technically a food-centered activity, all food is fun, right? Right?

Broad Street Arts Activation Project

Get a true taste of Philadelphia during DNC week with the Broad Street Arts Activation project, a project spanning Broad Street from Arch to Washington during the whole convention. Seven street-level pop-up spaces will bring Broad Street to life with paint, light, art and performance from different artists and groups all across the city. Go on Wednesday to catch Make Art Philly, a day of art-making and crafting centered around the theme of voting.

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