1. The Aesthetic 

Need an insta? Go to Sampan. Not only will it announce to the social media world that you go to cool and nice restaurants, but their illuminated–tree–design–backsplash thing actually is really aesthetically pleasing (and universally recognizable so everyone will know where you are. Geofilter not required!).

2. The SABSing

 At Sampan, I promise you will see someone you at least vaguely recognize. Also, they will see you, further establishing your reputation as a person who goes to trendy places. Two birds with one stone!

3. The Edamame Dumplings

Alright, there’s no denying that these much–hyped dumplings are dope, but there’s also some amazing other food on the menu (Peking Duck, I’m looking at you). Don’t restrict yourself. If you’re making the trek down to 13th Street, you’d better indulge.

4. Dessert

Rice. Krispy. Sushi. Not only does it look cool, but it also tastes unreal. 10/10 would recommend (and not just for insta value).

5. The Neighborhood

Wow! Going off campus for dinner! So trendy! So hip! But actually, Sampan is right next door to some of Philly’s hottest bars (next door to Double Knot and across the street from Charlie was a sinner). Stop by for a late dinner and stay downtown for a refreshing, new scene (or go back uptown to Smokes, no judgment here).

6. The Music

They exclusively play clubbing music. So basically you get the “going downtown” experience without actually having to go to a downtown. It’s a win–win.

7. Bar/Cocktails

It’s not a BYO (which is great for those of us unable to plan far enough ahead to pick up wine). Also, if you can’t get a reservation (because this place is ~popping~), just grab a seat at the bar! Not only do they serve a variety of awesome house cocktails, but they serve dinner there as well.


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