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The Definitive Copa Margarita Ranking

What's your number one? 


What To Do in Philly This 4th of July

Make the most of spending Independence Day in America's most historic city.


Summer Cities: Los Angeles

The third in a series exploring the best things to do for Penn students working in different cities this summer.

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Round-Up: Philly Pools to Keep You Cool

Sweltering in the Philly humidity? Check this out. 

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Behind the Camera with One of Penn's Fashion Photographers

Photographers on campus spotlight students' unique style. 


The Collctve and ZBT to Host Music Festival This Friday

It'll have even more artists than Fling...

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Decoding The Weeknd's 'My Dear Melancholy,'

Despite the subtle reference to Selena Gomez's kidney, this album was disappointing.


Rosa's Fresh Pizza Brings Social Impact and Cheesy Slices to West Philly

The shop encourages customers to pay it forward.

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Definitive Ranking of the 'Queer Eye' Fab Five

Judged from expertise to personality, here's the best men of the Netflix hit in order.


&pizza's 'Counterculture' Set to Replace Capo

The fast–casual chain has yet to release its opening date.


Is the "Oscar Curse" Real?

Examining the idea that an Academy Award is a career–killer for young actors.

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The F–Word and Feminist Dialogue on Campus

Street talks to editors of Penn's feminist literary magazine.

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The Best and Worst Ads of Super Bowl 2018

From Cardi B's chirps to Ram's bastardization of an MLK Jr. speech.


Meet Penn Records and Johnny Vitale

Penn Records represents student bands for charity.


What's the Deal With 'The Bachelor' Fantasy Leagues?

Exploring the wild and sometimes feminist world of "The Bachelor" fantasy leagues.


We Are All Allegro

Plot twist: Allegro and Greek Lady are owned by the same family.

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