If you have been to “really fun guy’s” date night, you may have heard of Lucky Strike. Lucky Strike is great if you are a fan of both striking out and blacking out, but you probably haven’t heard about the best bowling lane/mid priced bar in downtown Philadelphia (it is really more surprising that there are multiple.) Northbowl is easily the hippest bowling lane in Philly, but what really makes Northbowl shine is the deals. Every Wednesday and Sunday after 9 everything is $2 each (also from 5-7 Mon. through Fri because it’s summer); shoes, bowling, rotating canned beer selections, and tater tots. Yes, you heard correctly this place sells tater tots. Northbowl has a lot of great upscale bar food from the veggie hot wings to the short rib quesadilla, but what really should have center stage is the tater tots. They have a whole menu of tater tots from herbs and gruyere cheese to pizza flavored (not to mention they also have a full mac and cheese menu). Now you may be saying to yourself, the food is great and all but tell me more about getting drunk. Northbowl has a great selection of local beers and surprisingly vintage wines. They also do specialty cocktails, like really special cocktails. The tequila with sparkling lemon and lavender is an instant classic and even their take on the “city special” has a little more class with a shot of Tullamore Dew. Over all, you might not bowl a perfect game, but Northbowl is a good choice for a perfect night.


Location: 909 N. 2nd St

Cost: $$ (depending on day can be $-$$$)

Ambience: Loud/Hip

Order: The Bad Moon Rising: Ole Smokey Peach Moonshine, Stoli Vanilla, OJ, Amerena Cherry syrup and a splash of ginger-ale.