Major: Economics

Internship and Position: Intern Analyst for Gap Inc.’s Field Finance Department

City: San Francisco, California

What did you do?: I did a bunch of analysis projects on how Gap can do better at forecasting what they're going to spend in the future on payroll for their sales associates and managers in the field.

Any work perks?: Obviously the employee discount at all Gap Inc.'s brands was wonderful. It was truly the summer of ~eternal shopping~.

Coolest part: I was given a design side–project to work on with two other interns. We really had to dig into the essence of Gap Brand's aesthetics, and it caused me to think in a totally different way than I would in my finance role.

Weirdest part: Everyone at Gap mixes with everyone. There were several times I was like like, "Wow! I'm eating lunch two tables away from the President of Old Navy" or "I'm in the same elevator as one of the founders—don't embarrass yourself Braden."

Favorite thing about SF: San Francisco has the BEST weather (pretty much on any given day you can wear a t–shirt and shorts or a sweater and jeans, you choose!), it's packed full of good looking young people, you never feel too far away from the outdoors and best of all: people are actually less uptight about everything out west. Also: Go to Dolores Park, just do it.


Major: Communication and Public Service

Internship and Position: Intern in the Office of Public Engagement in the White House

City: Washington, DC

What did you do?: I was working on a portfolio with Organized Labor and the Progressive Community. Daily, I would write briefing documents for my supervisors and senior administration officials, and I would manage event logistics for the multiple events we held each week.

Any work perks?: The White House Internship Program coordinates an incredible speaker series, and I had the opportunity to introduce David Simas, the Director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach. He might be the smartest, most genuine man I've ever met. We also got to work the White House's July 4th celebration, which was amazing. On top of watching the fireworks from the South Lawn, we got to see the President share a stage with Bruno Mars.

Coolest part: I worked to set up the largest conference call in the Administration's history. The President spoke about the Iran nuclear deal to thousands of progressives, urging them to advocate strongly for the deal.

Weirdest part: I was making sure a room was set up correctly in the West Wing, when someone walked in and asked if he could cut through the room to get to the lobby. I looked up, and it was the Vice President. Thankfully, my boss was in the room, who told the VP he was good to go.

Favorite thing about DC: DC, especially in the summer, is filled with young people. I've discovered that the entire federal government is run by twenty–somethings, and they all go to happy hour at least once a week. 


Major: Communication

Minor: Classical Studies

Internship and Position: Research and General Production Intern for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

City: New York City, New York

What did you do?: As a Research Intern, I worked on the celebrity file system, and I helped the research team summarize old talk show appearances for upcoming guests. The summaries would go into a packet that the Segment Producers would use to write the interviews for the show. As a General Production intern, I went on a decent amount of coffee runs and errands, and I helped with audience coordination for our monologue rehearsals.

Any work perks?: The free food! Companies would send us a lot of food when their product was mentioned on air. The "Fallon Fifteen" is just as real as the "Freshman Fifteen."

Coolest part: I got to make an appearance on the show. I was a part of "Suggestion Box" and was close–up serenaded by Jimmy and Reba McEntire! Aside from that, being a Studio Intern was really cool because I would stand in during the show rehearsals so the director could line up the shots. I got to play some of the games like "Slapjack," and I rode the seesaw from "Two James Taylors on a Seesaw."

Weirdest part: Ice–T brought his huge bulldogs on the show, and they almost charged right at me! I also almost walked right into Jeb Bush because I wasn't watching where I was going.

Favorite thing about NY: Living at home and finally being 21, so I could go to the bars with no worries.


Major: Communication and Cinema Studies

Internship and Position: Project Management Intern for NFL Films

City: Mount Laurel, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What did you do?: One of my main jobs was to estimate, and eventually actualize, budgets for film and TV shoots. Because NFL Films does almost everything in–house, I was able to coordinate shoot schedules and post production. In addition, my main project that I assisted with was a live event called Broadcast Boot Camp.

Any work perks?: Other than awesome project wrap gifts (HelLOo $100 gift card to the NFL Store), one of the main perks was getting to meet so many amazing people. NFL Films is unique in that everything from pre–production to distribution is happening in the same location, so I was able to have one–on–one interactions with people from various backgrounds in the film industry. In addition, NFL Films treats their interns like employees, something I have never experienced in the entertainment world.

Coolest part: My coolest assignment was probably working closely with Broadcast Boot Camp. This event is a hands–on program which offers current and former NFL players the opportunity to explore multiple on–air job functions in the television/media business. One of my daily tasks was to pick media professionals and NFL players up from breakfast and drive them to classes at NFL Films every morning. YOU try prying a 6'3" 260 lbs linebacker away from the breakfast table. It IS NOT an easy task.

Weirdest part: I attended the Commissioner's Awards Ceremony (YES, I met the Commissioner) at the Franklin Institute in Philly. After Rob Riggle, the host, made his closing comments, the classy award ceremony turned into a wild dance party of young and old around the giant statue of Ben Franklin in the atrium. Constantine Maroulis, Rock of Ages Star and American Idol Alum, surprised everyone as the guest performer, dressed in crazy '80s rock garb, playing only music from that decade.

Favorite thing about Philly: Mount Laurel is a small suburb, but it is only thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia, so I was able to commute to work every morning. Because I am originally from the area, I was able to live at home with my parents in South Philly. And my favorite thing about that (other than their love and hospitality!) was being able to visit the Jersey Shore with them every weekend.


Majors: Theatre Arts and English

Minor: Cinema Studies

Internship and Position: Motion Picture Development Intern at 20th Century Fox

City: Los Angeles, California

What did you do?: I was working at one of the six major film studios in Hollywood. On a day–to–day basis, I was tasked with analyzing the samples of potential writing talent. These were people the company was considering to complete subsequent drafts of future film projects. Occasionally, I would also complete studio research assignments, update talent lists and compile test screening results.

Any work perks?: There were numerous free screenings of all company releases for all Fox employees. That meant I got to see movies like Spy and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl on their opening weekends without having to shell out $15 for a ticket (which was the ridiculous standard admission price at local movie theaters—crazy!).

Coolest part: I picked up coffee for a legendary, three–time Academy Award–nominated director—twice!

Weirdest part: I worked out at a fully–equipped gym next to the commissary dining room a couple times. Studio lots are like mini–cities, so I was surprised to find amenities such as a coin laundry, a Bank of America, clothing stores, etc. at my workplace. Kinda weird, but awesome. 

Favorite thing about LA: LA's neighborhoods are so varied and vibrant. Getting to know such vastly different, equally exciting destinations as Hollywood (mountains), Santa Monica (beach) and DTLA (bars on skyscraper rooftops) was a highlight of my summer.


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