Your favorite restaurants around campus have top secret dishes that aren’t publicly listed on their menus. Let Street help you take advantage of all of the quirky, unprecedented and ultimately mouthwatering selections of some of University City’s best  hidden gems.

Sweetgreen: Sweetgreen and Bon Appetite—the main food dining and catering service at Penn—have recently teamed up to offer you their newest concoction: the “Healthyish Bowl.” Not too healthy, but healthy–ish, the bowl includes warm squash, shredded kale, Sweetgreen Hot Sauce, cucumber, Herb Falafel, cilantro, fresh lime squeeze, warm quinoa, raw beet, feta cheese, Cucumber Tahini Yogurt Dressing, spicy sunflower seeds—all for $11.85. Make sure you add Sweetgreen on Snapchat to learn more about this new secret menu item, @teamsweetgreen.

Capogiro: Not listed on Capogiro’s menu are its distinct and unique Frappes. Customers can pick any one or two flavors of gelato and create the milkshake–like concoction for $7.49. For $5.56 (with tax), you can also purchase the Affogato—a newly secret addition to Capo’s menu offerings. Once present on the menu but in hiding as of late, the Affogato is a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso drizzled over it.

Smokes': Little did we know, Smokey Joe's also has a hidden collection of unique, “unofficial” drinks. The “Electric Lemonade”—a $10 bright blue drink made with a traditional Long Island (made with tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola) infused with Blue Curacao Liqueur—packs a punch for a night out. The Pennstitution also secretly serves the “Stoli Punch": a $10 fruit–flavored vodka mixed with orange, pineapple and cranberry juices infused with bits of cherry and oranges. Knock back a Hot Totty ($6) for another secret special: a hot Lipton tea, mixed with a shot of whiskey. 

Lyn’s Food Truck: Located right outside the lower quad gate, Lyn’s Food Truck has some hidden food gems available for students who are on top of their game in the secret food menu scene. The “White Lion” is a sandwich roll with egg whites, mixed vegetables, chicken and mushrooms. The “Yellow Lion” is the same—but instead of egg whites, it uses the regular egg. And then you have the coveted “Red Lion,” which is basically the same thing as the “Yellow Lion,” but with bacon. Each of these is $4. 

McDonald’s: Believe it or not, McD’s also has two gorgeously delicious $2 items hidden from its public menu: the Bacon McChicken and the Bacon McDouble. Different from the more traditional McChicken and McDouble, the bacon versions of these burgers incorporate one slice of thin, juicy bacon between the patty and the bun—making a world of difference.

Hip City Veg: Unbeknownst to many customers, salads aren't the only Hip City Veg menu items that can be transformed into bowls and wraps upon request. Burgers can also be morphed into bowls and wraps as well—all for the same original price.

Kitchen Gia: Located at 3716 Spruce St., Kitchen Gia offers warm beverage specialty items outside of its regular menu offerings. While their normal coffee menu is open for the public to see, the specialty items—including strawberry–chocolate hot chocolate, cherry cordials and milk steamers (vanilla or caramel) can be made for customers upon request. Prices vary but generally range between $1 and $3.

Photo credit: Katie Dumke


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